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Windows Movie Maker – Microsoft Download

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Do you remember the old name Windows Live Movie Maker? The project source code named as ‘sundance’ was the best project from Microsoft known as windows movie maker. The earliest video editing software, windows movie maker was released in 2000 by technology giant Microsoft. Download Link at The End.!!

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There are a lot free video editing software available in the market. What is the best feature of windows movie maker? It is its simplicity and ease of use. It feels like your own video editor when installing in Microsoft windows.

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Windows movie maker 2017 is exactly the same as the release of 2010 just because of the fact that Microsoft has discontinued this product after the arrival of the best video editing tools such as After Affects.

Let’s have a look at the features of the windows movie maker. These are the best features we still need in video editing.

  • Recording module (The most needed at times)
  • Special effects (Used to be a magic in 2000)
  • Title generator (Very handy feature)

When you have the most need things in your own simplest editor then there is no need for complex video editing software. It is rightly said that this video editor is still one of the coolest and most convenient editor tools around for creating your own beautiful videos, with some special effects, wipes and great titles.

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5 Reasons to use windows movie maker:

Are you wondering why would you need to use WMM even today? Let’s have a look at the best things and why should you use it.

  1. It is advanced, free of cost and very easy to use.
  2. WMM doesn’t split your video and audio tracks. It is really easy to edit a clip with this free video editing tool.
  3. You can have windows movie maker for windows 10.
  4. Timeline interface is incredibly easy to use.
  5. Combining video clips is just a task of a few seconds!
  6. You can also share your clips on YouTube and other platforms using Windows Movie Maker.

How to use Windows Movie Maker?

It is simple. Just open the software. Drag and drop your video file or just open it. All the options are displayed on the top bar.

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 Download Here: Official Website or Here


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