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What are Trump’s Businesses? The senate to probe!

POTUS Businesses to be investigated

President Trump has received a sum of over $100 million in income from Russian sources in the last ten years. What sort of businesses does he run there?

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A letter from the  president trump’s attorneys clearly stated that he has no income or loans in Russia—“ with a few exceptions.” The copy of the letter from attorneys is the following.

president’s attorneys letter about his incomes from Russia
With a few exceptions!


He likes quick, tangible results—“something shiny,” the associate told the newyorker.

As the inquiries into possible Russian involvement in the US President election raise, Mr. Trump and his business’s ties to Russia have come under greater investigation. Republican senator, Lindsay Graham announced this week he wanted to identify “if there are any Trump business ties to Russia that are inappropriate,” and White House press secretary, Sean Spicer said that Trump had “charged a leading law firm in Washington” to send a letter to Graham showing he had “no connections” to Russia. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius has been Trump’s tax counsel since 2005, the letter notes.

Donald Trump denied Russian business ties during the US President election campaign.




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