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Why do you need evergreen marketing strategies?

advanced marketing ideas that actually works
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Why do you need evergreen marketing strategies?

Customer retargeting is one of the incredibly powerful digital marketing tools for the advanced marketer and advertiser – especially if they’re interested in a quick boost to the overall conversions. A retargeting platform revealed that only 2% of buyers convert on the first visit to any online shop. The rest of the shoppers do some research and read online reviews before buying anything.

The first and widely used method for remarketing is sponsored ads campaigns. This is a technique in which potential customers are attracted to buy products they are looking for. Online activity of the internet users is recorded by a small packet of data known as Cookies. These cookies typically identify all information (location, preferences, likes, and dislikes, etc.) about your visit to an online store or a website.

Most of the online vendors ask for permission to store cookies, and you are required to accept the terms and conditions to use their services as they believe that they will deliver better services using Cookies.

Marketing tpis

Search Results from Google!

Now, let’s look at how the Internet giant, Google shows sponsored adverts based on cookies stored in my browser. My search query and Google results are the following.

marketing tips for customer re-targeting

Another search query!

So, this is how Google showed the tailored sponsored ads based on my recent online activity. This works like a charm for digital marketers.

 1: Monitor your visitor’s activity! Create, Compare, and Control.

Millions of marketers run sponsored campaigns, but they are not getting the desired output. They are spending thousands of dollars on AdWords and other campaigns. It is really easy to set up a campaign and start waiting for the boost. But, it is really hard to monitor your visitor activity. Note the top visiting pages and compare them with your competitor’s pages and look for the content gaps and opportunities to beat them.

Controlling your campaigns is super important when it comes to digital marketing. Insights help a lot. It is nonetheless time-consuming to monitor, plan, and act but it is cost effective way to get great results.

 2: Abandoned Checkouts and Customer Retargeting.

I can see a lot of reminder emails from big markets Godaddy whenever I abandon something in the checkout or the shopping cart. Following is one of their email right on the money!

emails from Godaddy

So, how it works? For all the abandoned checkouts, create a special offer and send them an email. The specially crafted message is really stimulating me to respond.

Make it super easy for your visitors to buy and register with your shop/website. You may introduce social logins instead of email registration. Usually, websites have from 3 to 6 pages registration process where customer loses interest.

3: Offering discount and coupons to repeat visitors

According to digital marketer and experts, discounts and coupons make you popular and trending. If you want to increase your sales, introduce a limited time discount and see the boost!

You can use different terms and conditions to the discounted packages.

4: Creating an Affiliate Program

If your brand isn’t making loyal customers, there is a trick for that as well. Word of mouth and referrals through friends and family has a great impact!

Boost your sales by creating a commission on sale program.

5: Content Marketing Techniques

    We all know that content is the old king. SEO consultants have tired talking about the content marketing. Epic content marketing is one of the forever green marketing tactics.

If you haven’t tried content marketing technique, do work on it! It’s worth time, money and dedication!

6: Social Media Marketing

One good comment or post on social media can make you overnight millionaire. You might have heard the story of a Pakistani tea seller who became an internet sensation after a photographer uploaded his picture.

Social Media managers must be the most intelligent people in your company. Entertainment should be the method not the purpose of marketing.

7: Advanced Email Marketing

Although, email marketing isn’t that much effective, but it still works! If you can write a catchy email for your customers, it could help you a lot.

8: Surprise them, Show them Love!

Everybody wants to be loved.  Let’s start loving people, get in touch with them on their special occasion such as birthdays!

Almost all social networking sites wish its customers, their birthdays.

Some of the most common marketing strategies people use are …

  • Coolest Pricing Strategies (Works like a charm)
  • Distribution Strategies (Social Media Works)
  • Branding Strategies are Primary!
  • Test Marketing (AB testing, Beta releases, etc.)
  • Success Measurement Tools (Audit!!)

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