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Waymo’s Self Driving Car has Driven 3 Million Miles!

The tech world is reaching new peaks as the Artifical Intelligence is becoming the mainstream! Where is your driverless car?

driverless cars getting popular

 Autonomous cars are becoming very popular. Waymo’s self-driving cars tick 3 million miles! On  9 May 2017, the self driving car manufacturing company announced that their cars have reached a milestone of 3 million miles on the public roads in the united states. 

Info: Waymo is Google’s company assigned self-driving car project.

Those miles were logged over the time span of 8 years in different cities and states in the US. Google started the driverless car project in 2009. However, it is important to know that these cars permitted on the public roads are not fully automated as per May 2017.

These specially designed robotic cars are equipped with a lot of sensors. There are a lot of sensors to know about the surrounding, the radar, laser light, GPS and odometry etc.

Germany has also permitted the autonomous cars on public roads! More about it here

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