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Blue Whale Challenge — Why Do We Need to Worry About it?

A macabre online spectacle known as the Blue Whale Challenge is the most trending talk of the week as it is said that the curator of the game is heading towards South Asia.

The suicidal game is known to be a series of tasks which lead a person to kill himself. Mental torture it is. You are supervised to complete the challenges and the subsequent levels get harder and harder until you are dead!

Info: The blue whale game isn’t available publically. Do not search it. Your ISP may be monitoring you! 

The first Asian boy reported to be the victim of this suicidal blue whale challenge is an Indian, a 14-year-old Mumbai boy. The boy jumped from the top of a building and took his life — the last, 50th task of the game. According to the police report, the boy had already discussed the final stage of the game with his friends.

Two other suicide incidents had been reported by Washington Post and CNN in which soon-to-be sophomore took their lives.

Meanwhile, The Supreme Court of India agreed to hear a petition for an immediate judicial direction to the government to ban this killer game.

Let’s talk about the blue whale challenge’s fear in Pakistan. Before we go into our social issues, let’s have a glimpse of what we have to say about the Blue whale game.

Here comes the first one,

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